Not really, because I've recently started uploading new tracks to my youtube channel!

Also, allota things happened in the last months, I also have discovered a new hobby that I love to do, which is voice acting.

It began as something really awkward to do, but I somehow managed to get a role on my first audition into a video game, which was the character 'Dice' for the game 'Lethal League'. That sparked my huge interest into the world of voice acting.

Aside that, allota new music tracks will be posted soon in this page!

Lost Saga Europe

2014-05-07 08:08:46 by CeeeX

Hi guys, I'm not sure if you're entirely familiar with that name, but that's the name of the incredibly addictive game that I'm hooked on to.

And my god, it does interrupt my music producing schedule.

For those that are not familiar with the name, it's essentially a super smash bros/brawler like game that has ALLOT to offer and has been published by Nexon! Its live service started just a week ago and it looks like the game's going to be a keeper!

So if you do live in Europe and have a passion for fighting/brawler games, you should try this out!


Is CeeƫX dead?

2014-03-25 16:45:26 by CeeeX


So essentially I've ran up into some problems where I had no idea as of how to deal with these obstacles, but things are going to get better lately.

There are already a few new great tracks that I've finished and want to upload, but first I have to make some major chances to my youtube page and other things.

From things like changing my icon and the intro of my videos and to the less interesting parts like writing different autobiographies, making a press-kit (just in case).

Stay tuned and have an amazing day!

Started writing lyrics to songs

2013-11-15 19:39:07 by CeeeX

Started writing song lyrics a few days ago and I'm just thinking to myself of why I didn't do this a few years back?

Because I love writing!

Ugh...anyways stay tuned? :P

Just bringing most of the tracks that I made and have uploaded on Youtube to this NG account.

I hope you guys don't mind that :P