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Not entirely sure, but if 1 guy managed to do all the different voices, that alone deserves 5 stars, hahaha fantastic!

I remember that I was totally mesmerized by this video back when I was a young child.

Dang, it's still fun to watch!

What the heaven? :'D

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I actually felt really bad for the child. I love the game and I wonder how it will end.

Needless to say that this is definitely 9/10

This is a classic game.

To this day I still wonder what your biggest inspiration was to make this game?

Well, never thought I'd see a fully fledged 3D game in Newgrounds.

This is really great!

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A very lovely piece, but I wish the piano came more to the front than the waves of the sea.

Now I have to crank the volume up and get my ear blown to bits whenever I forget to turn down the sound and open a loud EDM track D:

The chords you use easily succeeds that what you try to get out. A pop-ish melody, simple and fun to listen to.

However your choice of the sounds you make kinda makes this track feel like it would fit better in a game. For some reason I had terraria in my head when listening to the track!

MelkorMorgoth responds:

Thank you for your favourable review!

I don't know much about terraria, but i just take it that this is a good thing. The song doesn't have any special purpose and can be used for games, movies and secret satanic rituals. Use it as you want (under NG rules of course :)

Pretty neat, it's pretty fitting music for this time of the month.

However, using a sequencer from a game, is nothing to really review about. That feature in that game is pretty neat, but I wouldn't classify it as a professional d.a.w. And because of that I cannot really add anything to the review and give it a 2.5/10

Retsamehtmai responds:

Why does the format of the song make it any less of a song? It sounds like you are saying that it's bad just because of how it was made. :( "Oh it's made on a game so it automatically sucks." :/ It's still music, sure i could have used a different program, but this game is adequate enough for what I want to make. I don't do this professionally, I do it for fun, therefore, I use lbp2 to make the music. It's music, a combination of sound, why can't you review it? O_O ...is everybody that makes music on here professional? i didn't know that...

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I loved this piece of artwork so much that I've used this art as a basis for a new track, that's been used in the A.I.M Contest.

Thank you ^^


Kamikaye responds:

Thx :) The song turned out really really good ! It fits perfectly, I'm very glad that you felt inspired by this !

You matured that teddybear into a dangerous pimpbear D:!!

10 out of ten

A person who's currently studying music production that makes music, that's based of melodic techno, electro mixed with orchestra sounds. Jjjjup, pretty chaotic it seems.

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